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These days, movies are on the craze list of every other person. And why not, after all movies and TV series are one of the best ways to entertain ourselves in our free time. 

There are so many genres of the movies to choose from. So whenever you are free, you can watch a movie for passing time. But, wait. Are you going to pay for every movie you watch? 

Of course not! In fact, everyone likes to download a movie for free evert once in a while and watch it on their phone or PC. Here comes 123Movies online app into picture. 

This is the best movie downloading app that you would come across ever. All you need to do is go to this link – 123Movies online apk file. 

Download the apk file, install it on your system and start downloading. Let us discuss some more about the features of this app.

123movies download

The Pre-Requisites to use 123Movies online app

Well, there are no major requirements to watch your favorite movies or TV series, with the 123Movies online app. 

But you need to have following so that you can start downloading:

  1. An android device or a Windows PC (iPhone users would not be able to use the 123Movies online app for now, but they can hope for its arrival to the Apple app store in future).
  2. A working internet connection (there is no need of a very fast internet as the 123Movies online app can be downloaded in a matter of minutes).
  3. Sufficient storage in your android or windows device. The app isn’t very big in size and it is not going to take much space on your device, but the movies or TV series that you would download would certainly take some space. So, for the smooth process, make sure you have enough memory storage.

Prominent features of 123Movies online app:

  1. The movie list is updated on a regular basis. Not only would you be able to enjoy the “old but gold” classics but also the latest cool collections of movies.
  2. An option to watch the trailers of the movies for free is one of the most talked about feature of 123Movies online app.
  3. Since a version of the app is available for PC as well, the users who prefer to download movies on PC instead of phone would love the app. This means that you can enjoy the movies on a bigger screen with less hustle.
  4. You can get all the latest and HD quality movies on your smartphone at just the click of a button.
  5. Some of the categories of movies included in the 123Movies online app are: sci-fi, romcom, action, horror, suspense thriller etc.
  6. The list of movies and TV series is updated daily, as per the most downloaded, recently added, and most favorite and so on. So, when you want to watch a new movie, but for free, you know where to look for – in the search box of the 123Movies online app.
  7. The rating of the movies is also provided, so you would not have to think whether a movie is worth the download or not. You can just check out the rating and let it download.
  8. Every movie or TV series download on the app is absolutely free. So no need to pay for those expensive subscriptions to enjoy your favorite movies.
  9. The first screen of the 123Movies online app shows the most favorite TV series or movie, and hence, you would be able to download it right away without any searching and enjoy on any day you are getting bored.
The 123Movies online app is becoming popular on a very fast pace because of the simplicity it has to offer. There are no complex processes involved to download your favorite movie. 

This app is designed and developed by professionals who knew the troubles of movie downloading apps. Hence, this app would not ask you to pay for a lifetime subscription or to pay any charges to download a movie. 

Also, no registrations would be required, all you have to do is download the app on your device first and then directly get to downloading movies and TV series. 

Thanks to the thousands of movies in the hundreds of the movie categories, you would never get bored once you have the 123Movies online app on your phone. 

The 123Movies online app is optimized as per the latest smartphone features and hence, it would be at par with your phone, and you would find it very easy to use. 

It is compatible with all of the android devices whether it is a phone or a tablet. 

You do not even need to login or register in the app, the online movie downloading apps were meant to let you download stuff and hence, 123Movies online app just serves its purpose without asking for unnecessary details of its customers.

Since the 123Movies online app is basically made for android, developers knew that the smartphone market is on the rise. 

Every person you would meet today would be having a smartphone. And what is better than having an easy to use movie downloading app on your device. 

You do not need to search the web to look for download links of movies. In fact, as soon as any new movie comes up in the app and it is available for download, you can see it under the category of new movies. 

So, you can watch the latest movies much ahead of your friends. 123Movies online app is compatible with most versions of android and 123Movies online app for PC can be accessed using an android emulator. 

Bluestacks is one of the best and a tried and tested android emulators, so you can just use Bluestacks on your windows PC to use this app.

This tutorial has been fabricated so that people can follow the steps listed here and start using the 123Movies online app. 

Please note that you will not get this app in the Google play store. So don’t get disappointed if you do not find it there. You can just follow the below steps
  1. Use this download link: 123Movies app. Click on it to open the page. When you land on the official app page, you will see a download button there.
  2. Click on the download button. As soon as you click on the download button, the app would start to download.
  3. When the download finishes, you need to go to the location of the downloaded file in your device.
  4. Based on the properties of your android device, you would be asked to accept the terms and click on the install button.
  5. Click on next till to get to the finishing screen.
  6. Once you get the app installed on your device, launch it again and you are ready to use the app.

While installing the 123Movies online app on your Windows Pc, you would need to follow an extra step. You would first need to download Bluestacks. 

And then search for 123Movies online app from the play store. Once you find the app, you just have to click on it and when it is downloaded, you have to follow the same steps as android to install it. 

Once done, you can use it to download movies and TV series on your PC seamlessly. And you can enjoy your downloaded content later on your Pc at any time.

If you face any problem while installing the app on your android device or windows PC, you can write a comment below.
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