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How To Install Cinemabox For iOS WITHOUT JAILBREAK

We've been gathering a lot of information regarding Cinemabox App lately. We've also been digging deep into the problems which the users of Cinema Box encounter frequently and solve them to make their experience flawless.

I've heard many queries from people that they are not able to install Cinemabox for iOS without jailbreak. Hence, I've been working on this since two days and I've finally come up with a solution through which you will be able to install Cinemabox for iOS without jailbreak.

What is Cinemabox?

Well, for all those who don't know about the Cinemabox app, let me tell you that it is basically an application for smartphones. It is available for both android and iOS.

You can download cinema box ios after reading this guide and cinema box apk from here.

This app which contains all the latest entertainment. You will find the latest movies featured in the app, latest TV series with episodes being updated daily, latest cartoons for kids, and much more.

All these things are present in a single app.

Cinemabox app helps you access all these premium stuff at free of cost. Yes! you read it right. You can watch all the latest entertainment stuff at free of cost.

One more thing, though it is free, Cinemabox hasn't compromised on quality. All the movies, TV series and other videos are available to watch in 720p HD quality and hence you are assured to get a marvelous experience while using the app.

Install Cinemabox iOS Without Jailbreak

So now we are taking the main issue for today in the hands. 

Cinema Box is not available official on iTunes store. Hence, you might have to jailbreak to use it on your iOS Device.

But of you still want to use Cinemabox without jailbreak, then you can read our guide below. You just need to follow some simple steps.

You can also watch cinemabox on laptop by reading this article. Its very simple, you just need to press the download button and the app will be installed automatically,

Make sure that you do all this from your iOS device itself.
  1. Download the Cinemabox app for iOS. 
  2. Sign out of your iTunes store. If you're signed into the iTunes store via your iCloud account, then sign out. 
  3. Open the Cinemabox app after it has been installed. 
  4. It will prompt two options. Select cancel. 
  5. Now you will be displayed the login box for iCloud sign in. 
  6. Enter these credentials into it. 
  7. Email : Password: Cinema01
  8. The Cinemabox app for iOS will open.

Cinemabox Without Jailbreak

That's it, guys. You have successfully installed Cinemabox for iOS without Jailbreak.

But there is still one thing that you will have to take care of. Read below for that problem and its solution. 

In order to keep other apps of your iPhone synced with the original iCloud account of your's, make sure that you switch to the Cinemabox iCloud account only when you wish to use Cinema Box app. Otherwise switch to your original iCloud account. This way you will be able to use Cinema Box in iPhone without Jailbreak.

If you're an android user, then I suggest to update the cinemabox 2.0 apk with the new one which was rolled out just a day ago. So, I think I was very clear in explaining things and the whole process.

Still if you have any doubts or difficulties regarding installing cinemabox without jailbreak, then you can ask us in the comments below. We will try our level best to solve your problems. 
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I have tried this several times nothing is working... Apple ID locked. Apple ID locked.

Please help with a message " Can not connect to Cinema Box, check your network, change DNS to" did all, still not working.

Says I don't have wifi I clearly do

Please help with a message " Can not connect to Cinema Box, check your network, change DNS to" did all, still not working.

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