How to Cast Cinema Box HD to Chromecast

Cinemabox is by far the most entertaining streaming app you can find online. Enabling streaming of the hottest new movies and TV series, anime and cartoons, the app is 100% safe and always free. Now you can send all your favorite video content to your TV, to watch whenever you like in the comfort of your home when you cast Cinemabox HD for Chromecast.

If you’re not familiar with Chromecast, it’s a media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Chromecast lets you stream videos through your mobile device, straight to your TV.

Cinemabox comes from the developers of Playbox HD. The app has all the features you need for a great streaming experience, without any of the clutter. The app easily outstrips the other free streaming apps, with 3000+ videos available in HD and updated daily.

Best, the app automatically tailors your streaming resolution to your internet speed, so you never have to sit through another stuttering flick. The app even has the ability to download your favorite content, so you can watch it later when you're offline, and you can access subtitles in a wide range of languages.

Cinemabox HD is ridiculously easy to use and, with the ability to filter the content you browse, you can search by title or flick through your favorite categories to choose from the videos that interest you. So, whether you feel like watching a killer new release movie or catching up on a TV series that you adore, you'll find it instantly.
Cinema Box Hd
Another great thing about this app is Kids’ Mode. This parental control feature enables you to quickly and simply restrict the content the app offers to your kids, so they'll only see videos meant for children.  The app works to protect you and your devices too, with excellent security to guard against malicious content and prosecution.

Best of all, the app allows free and easy casting to your TV via Chromecast, OTG cable, Apple TV or wi-fi sharing. So, if you have a Chromecast device or an OTG slot on your TV, just follow these simple steps to cast Cinemabox HD for Chromecast in no time at all.

How to cast Cinemabox HD for Chromecast

Casting Cinemabox HD for Chromecast is the best way to watch all the TV shows and movies you can handle, and setting it up is much easier than you think.


You will need:
1. Your smartphone.
2. The Cinemabox app for Android or iOS.
3. Your TV set.
4. A chromecast device.

Now you're ready to cast Cinemabox HD to Chromecast. Here's how:


1. Open the Cinemabox HD app on your mobile device.
2. Start playing the video that you want to cast to Chromecast.
3. Click on the 'Cast' icon in the top right corner.
4. Select your Chromecast device. You are done!

Alternative method

If you’re having trouble with the first method, try an alternative:
1. Open the app on your mobile and start playing a video
2. Hit the wi-fi icon at the top right of your phone’s screen.
3. Open a Google Chrome browser and enter the following URL:
4. Press the Cast icon on the top right of the app’s screen.
5. Select you Chromecast device.

Now, sit back and enjoy the rewards of casting Cinemabox HD for Chromecast.

How to watch Cinemabox on TV WITHOUT Chromecast

Don't have Chromecast? No problem. You can still enjoy all your favorite TV shows and movies over your TV. Cinemabox lets you cast content to your TV via an OTG cable. It can also stream directly to your Apple TV, and can even send your content via wi-fi sharing.

Want to stream Cinemabox on your TV without Chromecast? Read on here to find out how.

Whether you're using Chromecast or an OTG cable you can enjoy all your favorite video content on your TV screen.

So, kick back, relax and enjoy your favorite shows, free, on the big(ish) screen!
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Can the app be installed directly to a Samsung Smart TV?

If your TV supports Android , then it can be installed directlly, else, u need to play via chromecast.

I want to stream using Allcast or Allconnect but I never get the possibilty to choice that. Any ideas ?

i guess, they are only supporting chromecast.

My cinema box is only casting some things to chrome cast. It used to cast everything. Now on the ones it won't cast there is an icon next to the chrome cast icon with two arrows. How do I fix this problem?

I have the same problem, it casts some but not all, have you any suggestions on how to fix this thanks��������

Nope cause they seem to ignore everyone and the issues they have with the new update. Playboy was fine.

I have the same problem as above!!!

So do I
Can someone please help us understand what's going on or how to fix this issue plz?

Me too!! Used to work fine now it barely casts any somebody help

I also have the same problem some will cast some wont?

I also have the same problem some will cast some wont?

Same as above - not having much success casting :(

Same as above - not having much success casting :(

Hi , there is an issue with casting the movies to my chrome cast ,it only works on my iPad but I can't cast it to my tv. It just froze .... Can someone tell me how I can fix this ? ����. thx

I have the same problem, but you have to download the movie then cast it. That is the only way to cast it.

I have the same problem. Casting worked all the time before, but only once in awhile now to chromecast. I notice that if it accepts auto or 360 instead of 720 it casts more often. I am using the CB that was in the app store and not the work-around. Please help.

Same problem use to work perfectly must be a work around or just update the app PLEASE

I can cast it to my nexus player but the subtitles dont show in the TV, they only show in the phone app but not in the TV, i tried to install the app directly to my nexus player but when i try to play a movie it crashes snd forecloses the app. Would be great if you guys make a app specially for Android TV

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