Cinema Box HD Download For Android/iOS/PC/Mac or Windows

How to Cast Cinema Box HD to Chromecast

Cinemabox HD app is the perfect entertainment basket full of comedy videos, TV shows and movies. This app is a very good mobile app for all you movie lovers as you can now download the Cinemabox HD apk latest 2016.

Today, we have written this guide in order to teach all our esteemed readers about how to cast Cinemabox HD to Chromecast using the Cinema HD for iOS. With this technique, you can use Cinemabox app on your Google Chrome browser as well.

HD Cinema App

If you are new to Cinemabox HD, then let me tell you a few things about this amazing app. Cinemabox app is a one-stop solution for all your entertainment cravings.

Do you love watching comedy videos? Are you one of those who spends a lot of money to watch movies in the cinema house?

Well, guys, Cinemabox HD is the best application for you all. After you install Cinemabox HD on Android devices, you can watch some great freshly updated videos. If your kids are fans of cartoons and anime shows, you can even use the kids' mode to let them watch those shows.

You can stream cinema box to tv without chromecast.

Casting Cinemabox to Chromecast is a great idea of watching all the videos and movies using Cinemabox app. Cinemabox apk is by far the most entertaining app which you can find on the Internet.

What is amazing is that you can browse almost all the genres of videos using the Cinemabox and also enjoy videos unlimited in any kind of quality. 

Cinemabox HD App Features

Cinema Box Hd

Cinemabox HD is a giant bomb and when it bursts, a lot of entertainment blows out which promises a leisure experience for you people. Now we have to look at some of the awesome features of the HD cinema which will blow your mind.

  • The Cinemabox HD is totally safe to use and is totally free
  • Cinema box app gets updated daily with fresh videos and movies 
  • It supports kids mode which makes sure your children are watching the desired videos only
  • HD Cinema app supports subtitles in all languages
  • You can also download movies and play them offline in Cinema box app

How to Cast Cinemabox HD to Chromecast

Now we will teach you how to cast Cinemabox to Chromecast following some simple steps. So check out the method below - we hope you enjoy it!

You will need to have a TV set and a smartphone on which you have downloaded Cinemabox. This will help you to connect your phone to the TV and cast Cinemabox to Chromecast.

We are sure you will enjoy Cinemabox app since it has some of the best features which you won't find in any other smartphone entertainment app. Enjoy videos in HD quality and unlimited streaming and live a chill life.

Feel free to post any questions about cinema box if you get confused about the steps explained below.
  • Open Cinema Box HD App on your mobile device
  • Start playing the video which you want to cast to chrome cast
Cinema Box

  • Click on the 'Cast' icon which you see in the top right corner
  • Select your Chromecast and you are done!
We are working on an alternate method as well which we will soon post here as we are done trying. Till then this is the easiest method to cast Cinemabox to Chromecast. Do you have any kind of doubts or questions regarding the steps?

You can even download Cinemabox for mac and enjoy the videos on a large screen. 

Feel free to leave your views in the comments. Let us know how you use Cinemabox or even your experience with it. We would love to hear from you.

20 Komentar untuk "How to Cast Cinema Box HD to Chromecast"

Can the app be installed directly to a Samsung Smart TV?

If your TV supports Android , then it can be installed directlly, else, u need to play via chromecast.

I want to stream using Allcast or Allconnect but I never get the possibilty to choice that. Any ideas ?

i guess, they are only supporting chromecast.

My cinema box is only casting some things to chrome cast. It used to cast everything. Now on the ones it won't cast there is an icon next to the chrome cast icon with two arrows. How do I fix this problem?

I have the same problem, it casts some but not all, have you any suggestions on how to fix this thanks��������

Nope cause they seem to ignore everyone and the issues they have with the new update. Playboy was fine.

I have the same problem as above!!!

So do I
Can someone please help us understand what's going on or how to fix this issue plz?

Me too!! Used to work fine now it barely casts any somebody help

I also have the same problem some will cast some wont?

I also have the same problem some will cast some wont?

Same as above - not having much success casting :(

Same as above - not having much success casting :(

Hi , there is an issue with casting the movies to my chrome cast ,it only works on my iPad but I can't cast it to my tv. It just froze .... Can someone tell me how I can fix this ? ����. thx

I have the same problem, but you have to download the movie then cast it. That is the only way to cast it.

I have the same problem. Casting worked all the time before, but only once in awhile now to chromecast. I notice that if it accepts auto or 360 instead of 720 it casts more often. I am using the CB that was in the app store and not the work-around. Please help.

Same problem use to work perfectly must be a work around or just update the app PLEASE

I can cast it to my nexus player but the subtitles dont show in the TV, they only show in the phone app but not in the TV, i tried to install the app directly to my nexus player but when i try to play a movie it crashes snd forecloses the app. Would be great if you guys make a app specially for Android TV

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