HD Cinema For Mac | Download Cinema Box HD for Mac in Just Few STEPS

Are you ready for ex-stream entertainment? Cinemabox HD for Mac is here to bring you all the new movies and TV series you can handle, and all in 100% free HD.

Why’s everyone talking about Cinemabox?

The movie streaming app comes from the creators of the hugely successful Playbox HD. It arrives free and fully loaded with tons of popular movies and TV shows. Now Cinemabox for Mac is here to bring this content straight to your MacBook and other Apple devices.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

THE COLLECTION: The app has an extensive collection of 3000+ movies, TV series, anime and music videos, updated daily.

HIGH DFINITION: Each video has a range of resolutions to choose from when streaming.

WATCH LATER OFFLINE: Cinemabox for Mac includes free downloading, so you can play your favorite content offline.

KIDS’ SAFETY: Kids' mode, allows you to control what your children watch, to keep them safe online. This is the only free movie streaming app with this capability.

SUBTITLE SUPPORT: The app includes subtitles in multiple languages.

SAFETY: You’ll enjoy high security, to protect you and your devices.

EASY CASTING: The app supports simple casting to your TV via Chromecast, OTG cable, Apple TV or wi-fi sharing.

Top 3 Cinemabox features: Parental controls, search capability and HD quality

The app offers simple and effective parental controls, allowing you to restrict the content the app offers to your kids, so they'll only see videos meant for children. In Kids' Mode, your children will easily navigate their way around the app to enjoy all their favorite movies, TV shows and cartoons in safety.

Cinemabox's simple interface lets you easily filter your content. You can search by title or browse categories to only see the type of content you want to watch. Whether you're in the mood for a new release movie or an old favorite TV series, you'll find it easily.

Best, every video is available in brilliant 720p high definition. And, with the ability to adjust your streaming to suit your internet speed, you won't use up your data.

Forget torrenting!

Torrenting has become steadily more unreliable over the past few years, bringing the risk of downloading malicious files, and even prosecution. While the online community has been searching for a solution, no one has offered a viable alternative – until Cinemabox.

Uniting all your favorite video content in one great place, Cinemabox for Mac is 100% safe and always free. Once you've tried it, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with torrenting.

Cinemabox HD is not on the Apple Store

The Apple Store doesn't host this app, and you won't find it on Google Play. The only way to install the app on your Mac is via the .apk file.

In a world of malicious downloads, take care to ensure you access the official Cinemabox HD .apk. This is the only file guaranteed to serve up all your favorite content, and keep your Mac 100% safe.
download cinema hd for mac.

Downloading Cinemabox for Mac

Follow these simple steps to started with Cinemabox for Mac.

1. You'll need an Android Emulator to run Cinemabox HD on your Mac. Bluestacks is fast, reliable and free. Download Bluestacks to get started.

2. Once you've installed Bluestacks on your Mac, open it.

3. Now you're ready to install Cinemabox for mac, using the free .apk file.

4. Now you need to run this app using Bluestacks. To do this, right click the .apk file, click 'Open with' and choose 'Bluestacks'.

5. You'll see the Cinemabox HD icon on your Bluestacks screen. Open it and off you go!

That's it! You're ready to get streaming.

Haven't got a Mac?

Never fear, Cinemabox HD is also available for Android, iOS and PC. Whatever your set up, you can enjoy the hottest new movies, TV series, anime and music videos.
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