Download Cinemabox For PC or Tablet | HD Cinemabox App

Want to download and install one of the most popular free movie streaming apps, straight to your PC? Read on and you'll be streaming in no time.

How does Cinemabox for PC work?

The app comes from the creators of the hugely successful Playbox HD. It arrives free and fully loaded with tons of popular movies and TV shows. Now Cinemabox HD for PC is here to bring this content straight to your computer.

Like other free movie streaming apps, Cinemabox for PC gets its movies from sites like YouTube that host video files. Each time you watch a video, your views and clicks educate the app.

The movie streaming app takes this information and uses it to list hot-trending videos on its home page. Most free movie streaming apps contain adds, and this app is no exception. Users access video content for free and literally pay their way by kicking back and watching movies!

The free app comes packed with features in a clean and simple interface that is so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you didn’t install it long ago.

First, the quality collection of movies, TV series, anime, cartoons and music videos is updated daily, so you’ll never get bored. The app lets you stream your content, or download your vids to watch offline later, and offers a range of resolutions to suit any internet connection.

Best of all, Cinemabox for PC includes Kids' Mode, with strict, easy to use parental controls that restrict the content available to your children. In Kids' Mode, your children will easily use the app, watching all their favorite cartoons, movies and TV series in total safety.

Download Cinemabox For PC | HD Cinemabox App

Kiss torrenting goodbye

As malicious files have infected the torrenting space, users have started to search for other ways to access video content online. Unfortunately, many movie streaming websites and apps are now also bloated with viruses – and that’s why we love the high quality, secure free movie steaming offered by Cinemabox for PC.

Uniting all your favorite video content in one great place, the app is a 100% safe way to enjoy free entertainment, without the risks and hassles of torrenting.

Downloading Cinemabox for PC

Getting started is easy!

1. First, download an Android Emulator. This is a program that mimics an Android device on your PC. You’ll need it to operate Cinemabox on your PC. Bluestacks is one of many great Android Emulators. Download Bluestacks free.

2. After you have installed Bluestacks you can open it.

3. To install Cinemabox you’ll need the free .apk file. - download .APK for cinemabox here

4. You can run the app through Bluestacks. To get started, right click the Cinemabox .apk file. Then click Open With. Choose Bluestacks.

5. On your Bluestacks screen you'll find the Cinemabox HD icon. Open it and off you go!
That's it! You're ready to get streaming.

Haven't got a PC? 

Cinemabox HD is also available for Android, iOS and Mac. So whatever your set up, you can enjoy the hottest new movies, TV series, anime and music videos, free!
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