Cinemabox HD APK Download | Install Cinemabox Latest .APK 2017

Cinema Box HD enables streaming of the hottest new movies and TV series – 100% free. Read on to learn how to download and install the .apk file, and you'll be streaming in minutes.

So, what is Cinemabox HD?

From the developers of Playbox HD, this is one of the most popular apps online. Why? Packed with the latest TV series, movies, anime and music videos - and updated daily - the Cinemabox HD .apk allows unlimited free HD streaming, at home and on the go.

So why do people keep coming back to download the Cinemabox HD .apk? First, it’s 100% safe and completely free. The wide collection of videos gets updated daily with fresh videos and movies.

Each video is available in 720p high definition, for a great quality viewing experience and, as you stream, the app automatically adjusts the video quality according to your internet speed.

You can even download your favorite shows to play offline later, and can access subtitles in a host of languages.

Safe streaming for kids

The internet's a wild and crazy place sometimes, and if you have kids you'll be careful about what they watch online. This is the only free movie streaming app to provide parental controls. In Kids' Mode, you can restrict the content your children watch, so their online viewing is fun, the way it's meant to be.

Installing the app on your children's phone, tablet or laptop is easy, and activating Kids' Mode is just two clicks away. Your children will easily navigate their way around the app, to enjoy all their favorite shows in no time.

No more torrents

Another great thing about this app is it does away with the need to visit sleazy torrenting sites, once and for all. As torrenting has become increasingly unreliable and risky, the online community has cried out for a solution. The solution is Cinemabox. Once you've tried it, you won't go back.

Cinemabox HD APK Download | Install Cinemabox Latest APK 2016

You won't find it on the Play Store

It's due to copyright issues that you won't find this app on Google Play. But that's no problem. The .apk file is all you need to install the app on your Android smartphone and Android devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, BlackBerry, and Android TV Box.

Beware of imitations

With many malicious files out there, you have to be careful. The official Cinemabox HD .apk download is the only file guaranteed to serve up all your favorite content, and keep your Android device 100% safe.

How to install Cinemabox HD with the .apk – in 5 easy steps 

Downloading and installing the app is so easy, you'll have it up and running in no time.

1. Download the .apk here!

2. Your phone will ask you if you trust apps from 'unknown sources'. You need to allow this.

3. After you have downloaded the app, find Cinemabox HD in your phone’s File Manager and open it. You’ll see the File Manager as one of the apps on your home screen, or you can even use an app, such as  File Manager to help you.

4. Click on the app’s file. When your phone asks for permission to install, give your consent. The installation will only take a minute.

5. Open the app, and you're ready to get streaming in HD!

What if I downloaded the .apk to my computer?

If you downloaded the Cinemabox HD .apk to your laptop or PC, rather than your Android device, it's just a few simple steps to get this killer app up and running on your phone.

1. Connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable. If you have plugged your phone into your computer before its drivers will already be installed. If not, agree to install your phone’s drivers when your computer prompts you.

2. Find the Cinemabox .apk in your computer's Downloads folder.

3. Drag the .apk from your computer’s Downloads folder to the SD card on your phone using Windows Explorer.

4. Now take a look at your Android phone. You'll find the Cinemabox HD .apk in your File Manager.

5. Click the file and install it following the steps above.

And that's it. Happy streaming!

Problems installing Cinemabox HD .apk?

Occasionally when installing the app to your Android phone, you may receive a message such as 'Unfortunately, Cinemabox has stopped'. Here's what to do:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Choose Apps.

3. Select Cinemabox HD.

4. Select Clear Data, or simply uninstall the app.

5. Download and reinstall the app.

Now you're ready to enjoy your favorite TV content and movies in HD, and all for free from your Android device. Enjoy!

Download the Cinemabox HD .apk here and enjoy great quality entertainment, completely free.

Don't have an Android?

No Android? No worries. Cinema box HD is available for iOS devices, PC, Mac, and even streams on your TV via Chromecast, OTG cable and Apple TV. Enjoy!
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Hi , there is an issue with casting the movies to my chrome cast ,it only works on my iPad but I can't cast it to my tv. It just froze .... Can someone tell me how I can fix this ? ����. thx

Hi , there is an issue with casting the movies to my chrome cast ,it only works on my iPad but I can't cast it to my tv. It just froze .... Can someone tell me how I can fix this ? ����. thx

Hi , there is an issue with casting the movies to my chrome cast ,it only works on my iPad but I can't cast it to my tv. It just froze .... Can someone tell me how I can fix this ? ����. thx

Its not even loading up anymore and i love this app i cant live w\o it

Ohh I loved this app and I won't work anymore!!!!!K

I love this app but it keeps telling me I have no wifi when I do please fix this

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