Watch Streaming of ShowBox on your TV via ChromeCast

ShowBox is the No 1 app to watch and download your favorite TV Shows and movies. It’s just like your online cinema that is absolutely free. This tutorial will help you to download and install ShowBox application to your Google Chromecast.

This step-by-step image guide makes it easier for you to use this application without any difficulty.

Setup ShowBox to your TV via the ChromeCast 

Follow the tutorial below.

1.    To begin with the setup, you need to download two applications; i) MX Player, ii) LocalCast. You can easily search for them in Play Store. Installation of any application from Play Store is a piece of cake and you do it quite regularly.

2.    When the download is completed for the both application mentioned above, you need to Select Video in ShowBox and change the ‘Player’ to ‘Other Player’.

3.    After selecting the above options, you need to hit ‘Watch Now’

4.    As you can see in the image, you need to share it with ‘MX Player’

5.    Tap on the screen; it will show you the video options. From the top right corner, you need to hit the three dots. It’ll take you to video settings.

6.    Within the video settings, you need to press  Tools > share > Localcast

7.    Once you hit on localCast, it’ll scan for the available hosts. From the list of available hosts, you need to choose your Chromecast Player.

Now, you’ll be able to watch ShowBox stream on your TV via Chromecast.

Old Tutorial - Might Work for Some of You

Since, MX Player has recently offered casting options. Before that, we had an alternative which is Show Box. Since, you can start streaming via MX Player so there’s no need to install Show Box but still, if you need another option, Show Box is there. Below you’ll be able to learn how to watch your ShowBox streaming on TV using Show Box.

showbox on chromecast

1.    If you have already installed MX Player then you need to uninstall it with the following procedure; Settings > Apps > MX player > Uninstall

2.    Now, you need to allow your device to install applications outside of Play Store by going to ‘Settings’ on Chromecast. From there, you need to choose ‘Security’ options. Then you have to Turn on ‘Unknown sources’

3.    After you have allowed unknown apps to get installed, you need to Download and Show Box:
Show Box .Apk File Download

4.    Once the SrowBox is downloaded and installed, you need to install another app “AllCast”. You can easily find it in Play Store.

5.    You need to select the video in ShowBox that you want to watch and change “Player” to “Other Player”.

6.    Then from the options, you need to hit on “Watch Now”

7.    Furthermore, click Share with “ShowBox”

8.    Now, you need to open the source with “AllCast”

9.    After that, you have to select your Chromecast Player

It will start streaming the video on your TV Via Chromecast. There you go! Feel free to write to us in case you face any kind of difficulties. Our team is really responsive and you mostly get a response quickly.
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