Showbox for pc to watch and download videos on your computer

This easy to follow tutorial will help you to get the Showbox app for pc or on your windows computer using any of the known android emulator available online preferably (ARC Welder and BlueStacks). It will allow you to stream free movies directly from your computer.

If you’re looking for a better option that could let you watch and download free movies, Showbox is your home.

Android Emulators help you to download any Android application on your computer and run it. Remember, the BlueStacks is no longer supported on MAC, so you’ll not be able to use it on your Apple Devices.

Install ShowBox For PC Using ARC Welder

1. You need to install and download Google Chrome Browser. (Skip this step if you already have Google Chrome installed). This method makes use of this browser to run Showbox on PC.

2. Run the Google Chrome application and download ARC Welder.

3. The above link will take you to download page for ARC Welder on “Google Chrome Extensions”. Hit “Add to Chrome”.

4. After that, you’ve to hit on “Add App”. The option will appear automatically on your screen as you can see in the image.

5. Open a New Tab on your Chrome and Hit “Apps” option. You will have ARC Welder there.

6. Run “ARC Welder”.

7. Click on “Choose” and select a directory or make a new one for ARC Welder (This is the location where the installed apps for android are stored)

8. Now you can download the .apk File format for ShowBox to your computer by click on this link.

9. Go to ARC Welder, Hit “Add your APK” and add the ShowBox .apk to ARC Welder.

10. Click on “Test” (You can also turn on fullscreen Under Form factor)

11. There you go. You’re ready to run ShowBox on your PC (if you facing any issue like “Connection Error”, please double check that your Internet is running fine. If that’s not the case, simply re-run the application by the following procedure: New Tab in Chrome> Apps > ShowBox).

Install ShowBox to your PC Using BlueStacks Method

1. You need to download Bluestacks and install it.

2. Once, you’ve completely downloaded the BlueStacks, Download the .apk File for ShowBox.

3. Right-Click on the downloaded .apk file for BlueStacks and choose “Open with Bluestacks”. This will let you run the file within the emulator.

4. Now the file should run automatically in the emulator. It will start installing the app.

5. Let the app install. Once installed, move the step below.

6. Once you run the ShowBox, it’ll prompt you to update the app. Update it and you’re ready to watch/Download free movies.

Once you have followed this tutorial to install Showbox on your PC, you should be ready to stream movies and films on your computer using a mobile app. It’s great since you can watch HD movies on a larger screen now.
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