MegaBox Problems | Megabox hd not working or server error - Solutions Included!

If you are facing problems while using MegaBoxHD then this article can help you out to solve these Megabox problems. MegaBox HD is available for all operating system devices to let you watch your favorite TV shows and movies for free.

This app is one of the most renowned apps for movies, and its users are increasing day by day. As its interface is very handy, so people who love movies are attracted to this app.

Sometimes while it's working, this app shows some errors that are very irritating for the users. Many users have complained about the issues related to an interruption in MegaBox HD working.
But like nothing is impossible in this world, solving these problems is possible. Keep reading for solutions.

Serious Megabox problems observed by the users are the errors like “MegaBox HD not working,” “MegaBox HD no connection” or problems related to downloading or streaming videos. Here we will guide you to fix these problems and to use MegaBox by enjoying its full services.

How to fix “MegaBox not working/no connection/no stream” error

You don’t have to search the internet anymore for a solution to these problems. We got them all covered for you.

Below is the guide to fix the main Megabox problems along with the reasons for their occurrence.
MegaBox HD Connection Error”

megabox problems

If you see the “MegaBox HD no connection” error, then check your network/Wi-Fi connection. Connect it again and have some valid data connection source.
The reason for this error mostly indicates that there is some problem with your network connection.

Method I

To resolve this issue, follow the steps given below.
1. First of all, close the MegaBox HD app on your device.
2. Then go to “Settings” of your phone.
3. Turn the Wi-Fi off.
4. After that, open the MegaBox HD app. Then try to connect with some other network or 3G or retry connecting to the same network.
5. Hopefully, your issue will be resolved and you can enjoy watching movies through MegaBox HD again.

Method II

There is another method as well for solving the above-mentioned error. For this method, you need to install MegaBox HD app through an external installer. This external installer is “MTF Installer”. Following steps will resolve the connection error.
1. Go to MegaBox HD app on your device and uninstall it.
2. Type “MTFInstaller” in Google search bar.
3. Then go for downloading MFTInstaller.
4. When this external installer is downloaded to your device, then open it up and search “MegaBox HD App” on it.
5. Then install this app through MFTInstaller and you can enjoy MegaBox HD.

“MegaBox HD No Stream” Error

megabox connection problems

No stream error mostly occurs when you are using an older version of MegaBox HD. The servers of MegaBox HD app are regularly updated and redirected to the latest version. To solve this problem, install the latest version and stay updated.

The following steps will help you out to solve this issue.
1. Go to Google Play store or app store of your device.
2. Search “MegaBox HD app” and click on install to its latest version.
Remember that before this step you need to uninstall the previous MegaBox version from your device.
3. Or instead of the above step, you can simply go for the option to “update” the app.
4. After updating to the latest version, you can watch movies on MegaBox. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved.

MegaBox HD Can’t Download/Not Working Error

This error occurs when you have updated the app to the latest version of MegaBox HD and changed the servers.To avoid this problem, you need to clear the cache. Follow the steps given below.
1. Go to “Settings” on your phone and tap on Wi-Fi to turn it off.
2. Then go to “General Settings” and click “Application manager.”
3. Tap on “All application” to see the list of your installed apps on your device.
4. Select “MegaBox app” from the list and click “Clear data/cache.” This will remove all bugs and errors because it will erase the previous data on the app.
5. Then turn the Wi-Fi on and connect to your network.
6. Go to the icon of “MegaBox HD app” and open it.

By following one of the above methods, you can fix the problems in your MegaBox HD app and enjoy the range of your favorite movies/TV shows on it.

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