Get Showbox on Your Kindle Fire Tablets

ShowBox is an application that allows you to watch/download free movies. This post would allow you to download and install ShowBox app on your Kindle Fire Tablets.

Since Kindle Fire Operating System is Android based; it’s not difficult to get it running on your Kindle.

You need to follow this quick tutorial to easily install the application and watch/download free movies. The tutorial will work on Fire Tablet Generation First, HD and HDX, also the Amazon Fire Phone.

Tutorial to Download And Install ShowBox on Your Amazon Kindle Fire

Since you can download this app on different versions of Kindle Fire, including the 1st gen and the HD version that came out recently, we have divided this tutorial into different sections for your convenience. If you own HD variant of Kindle, just skip the tutorial for 1st gen.

Kindle Fire (1st Generation) and HD:

1. Open the menu and Click on Settings > Devices > Turn on “Allow Installation from unknown sources”. You can’t install an app from outside the Play Store without turning this setting on.
2. Now run the default Kindle browser and open the download location on your browser by going to this link.
3. Now download the apk file for your Kindle.
4. Once downloaded, start installation by simply running the apk file that you just downloaded.
5. It will take only a minute to install. Once installed, run the app and enjoy unlimited HD movies on your Amazon Kindle.

Kindle Fire HD versions 6 & 7, HDX & Amazon Fire Phone:

1. Access Settings > Security > Turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources”
2. Run the default Silk Browser and download the download file for ShowBox here:
ShowBox APK Download
3. Wait for the download to complete and then run the .apk file format to install.
4. It should take less than a minute before you can run the app.
5. When you run the app, you will have various filters to select movies. The latest content will appear on the homepage so that you can quickly watch a recent movie or TV show.

showbox for kindle

Now you are ready to stream and download free movies and TV shows from your Kindle Devices.

Parse Error: You’ll be facing this error because of two reasons.

1. The downloaded file for Showbox APK is corrupted. The only solution to solve this error is to download the file again from another source.
2. Your OS isn’t compatible or it is too old. To overcome this error, your only option is to update the OS.

You can easily fix this issue either by downloading the .APK file format for ShowBox or you can update your OS to the latest version. In case, you still face this error, it means your device couldn’t get the application on it.

Feel free to write us back in the comments, and we’ll be able to help you with any questions related to downloading this application on your Kindle Devices. To get help with downloading ShowBox Application on your other Operating systems, you need to visit the HomePage.

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