Alternative Apps for PlayBox HD

Are you finding troubles with PlayBox HD app or having? If you need to find a good solution to your problems faced by using PlayBox HD, here we provide you with the best alternative apps for PlayBox HD to be used on Androids/iOS (iPhone, iPad).
PlayBox HD is an amazing entertainment app which provides you with non-stop fun and movies online as well as downloadable. But as everything has its flaws with it, same is the case with PlayBox HD but the good news is that it keeps on updating and has a solution by the alternatives.

Issues in PlayBox HD

Because of the issues faced by users, some searches like ‘PlayBox not working’or ‘what are alternatives for PlayBox’ are seen on Google. To resolve the issue of customers, we have made a list of top five alternatives which it easier for you to watch error-free movies.

One of the major issues caused by PlayBox is that it is not compatible with the recent Android/iOS versions. So, it causes trouble to play movies on the devices having these operating systems. The second issue is the connectivity with the PlayBox servers.

Alternative apps for Playbox HD

But the developers of this app are working their best to resolve these issues and we hope that they will be overcome soon. For the time being, here are the alternatives one can use instead of PlayBox HD for better performance.

1. ShowBox

The number one alternative for PlayBox HD is ShowBox which is an app very similar to PlayBox with the solutions for problems faced in PlayBox.ShowBox has millions of movies from old to a new one. You can find almost all movies in this app.

This app is basically designed for Androids and is great for amusement. You can download this app in the same way you download PlayBox. Methods of downloading these entertainment apps for Android/iOS are given in other articles. You can see the easy ways of downloading of those links.

2. MovieBox

Now, the second best alternative for PlayBox in our opinion in MovieBox. However, some people consider it better than ShowBox. This app has also got some amazing features that help you watch your favorite movies/TV shows without going through issues. 

The plus point of this app is that it supports all formats including mp4, flv, mkv and others. Therefore, it is considered as one of the best alternatives for PlayBox. Also, it has a user-friendly interface which makes it easier to navigate through the app.

It can be used for both, Android and iOS operating systems. So, when you are searching for a PlayBox alternative in iOS, go for MovieBox as ShowBox was designed for Android and is best for it.

The method to download MovieBox is not difficult at all and is given in other articles. You may find it easily on this website.

3. Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD provides you with the movies for online streaming and is another good alternative for PlayBox HD. All these movies can be found available on this one application, making it easier and time-saving to search for them. It overcomes the issues that are seen on PlayBox.

You can download this app by its APK file only. You can’t download it directly. It was not working fine before as it was closed officially but now works pretty good. It is quite famous in the UK and has maximum users from there.

You can find a variety of movies on this app, just like PlayBox. If you want to install it then save the APK file, install and enjoy. It works well on all devices of Androids, iOS.

4. HD Cinema

HD Cinema is another alternative to provide you with a range of movies from old to the latest one. It was also closed officially but now it is getting excellent results. It provides you with live streaming of any movie and has an easy interface for the user.

The developers of HD Cinema have developed another app which is similar to it and is gaining great popularity among people. This app is Sky HD which is quite similar to Cartoon HD and the downloading method is also same. For both of them, you need to download the APK and then install the applications.

5. PopCorn Time

As the name indicates, it is one of the best apps to provide you with entertainment. You can enjoy the movies by streaming them online. It is similar to all other apps, if any of the above is not working and you need an alternative, then go for PopCorn Time app.

You can download it the way you download these other movie apps i.e. by downloading the APK file and then installing it.

Note: Downloading procedures are available on other articles. Please check them out from there to have these apps to your device.

So, these were the top five alternatives for PlayBox HD in my view. Hope you will be able to fix the problems by downloading any one of these apps.
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