123movies not working|123movies problems|Server error|Video not playing or Downloading?

123movies not working|123movies problems|Server error|Video not playing or Downloading?

Have you ever had plans to watch a movie with you friends or family via 123movies and then realized that it is not working due to some technicalities that made you feel embarrassed in front of your friends, family or made yourself to have a bad attitude and perception towards the site?

Had problems in viewing, streaming or downloading some movies while you could stream others? Had problems of weak quality graphics and loading errors of some particular movies?

This article gives a brief insight on these issues that many people have encountered when using 123movies and it should be also noted that the site is down and not available for everyone at the moment due to various reasons. 

Why cannot I download some movies, what should I do?

  1. Many customers have complaint that the site does not allow to download some of the movies while it allowed other movies. 
  2. However 123movies has promised the customers that they are being given the chance to download or stream online the movies as per their choices and preferences. 
  3. This has increased the frustration of the customers and many of them have moved to other sites available due to these problems they have encountered. 
  4. The industry is flooded with many competitors and a small mistake can even lead to a major collapse of the business. 

The site does not redirect me to the home page?

  1. Another issue is that the site appears to be updating or being upgraded and therefore the clients are not directed to the site home and instead an error message is displayed or the site is shown offline. 
  2. Thus customers are facing many difficulties at times where the site is being updated and unavailable. 
  3. The technical team is constantly working on the updates that restrict the viewers using the site which is a considerable issue that makes the site uncompetitive.

The loading speed of the website is very slow. What should I do?

  1. Some of the customers complaint that the site is very slow at times especially when streaming high definition also known as HD quality movies. 
  2. This might be as a result of the increased volume of viewers but the 123movies is responsible for any inconvenience caused for the viewers in this regard. 
  3. There are various add-ons and extensions available for the 123movies and there were complaints regarding these reporting that are not working and not supporting some kinds of web browsers. 
  4. These add-ons and extensions enable the customers easily surf through the 123movies and thus this has been a major issue that also depleted satisfaction of the customers. 

What should I do when I am in need of technical support?

  1. As customers to solve these issues it is advisable to get technical support especially in the selection of the best add-ons that suits your web browser and to select the best video players that enhance the quality of the movies that are viewed via 123movies. 
  2. As the organization it must invest more efficiently on the technical function and the web development function where it will not make the site unavailable for the customers depleting the reputation of 123movies. 
  3. The organization must recruit qualified technicians, dedicated and fast web developers and should adopt latest technology to manage these issues enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction levels.
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Could you please fix 123 movies please it said error no connection please fix it for me please fix it a lot of stuff came up it said error could y'all fix 123 movies

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