Waifu Anime App : A new streaming application to watch anime online

Fan of Anime : Great, Good News for you, As Waifu brings you the the streaming application where you can watch anime online in windows, mac or android platform.

This application is based only on ''Anime'', unlike showbox, playbox or cinemabox which are based on movies. Waifu can also run on linux based system.

You can watch old as well latest series of anime on this app, and along with this it has also features of sub-title in multi languages unlike showbox or popcorn time.

This is a new app which can be run on desktops as well as mobile, without any apk file or extra settings, you just need to download the app for your system (windows, mac, linux) and start streaming animes right from there.

How to Download and Install Waifu?

For Downloading Waifu on your System Just visit this link and click on download.

Is it different from Cinemabox, Playbox, Popcorn Time

Yes this is different from other apps, because waifu stream only anime series.

You might be getting older day by day by this app will keep your younger or old days memory live in you.

This app is free to use and user can watch anime app movie from any device anywhere, so you can enjoy in your office, with your kids, or while you are travelling.

Please leave comment if you like this new cool app for kids and even adults ones who are still in love with anime.

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