How To Turn On/Off Subtitles on CinemaBox | Cinemabox Subtitles Problem Solution

Hope you are all enjoying Cinemabox on your digital devices. We feel really good that we were able to make Cinemabox app possible for you all on iOS, Android, PC and Mac as well.

Today, we are here to share a simple solution on how to turn off subtitles on Cinemabox since we heard about it from a lot of users about it. We decided to write an article about it on our Cinemabox download blog so that we can help you out with this problem.

Cinemabox HD is an amazing application which has a huge collection of thousands of old and newest movies in super high quality. Cinema box also allows you to watch some of the most exciting TV shows with the latest episodes lined up in their list.

Since we love this app and are really passionate about it, so we decided to share some guides related to Cinemabox for PC, Cinemabox for MAC and cinemabox apk too.

Cinemabox app for PC is also a great extension of the movie HD apk 2016. With this app, you can enjoy the awesome HD quality videos on your PC screens without bothering about downloading movies using torrents or any such thing.

A lot of people were confused about how to turn off subtitles on Cinemabox. So today, we decided to share the solution which is really simple since we have not been using Cinemabox ios since almost 3 months.

I guess you all watch your favorite TV shows, cartoons, movies and a lot of videos using hd cinema app so we have a solution for cinemabox subtitles problem today.

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How To Turn On Subtitles On Cinemabox | Solve Cinemabox Subtitles Problem

Alright, so now we will be sharing the complete set of steps which you need to follow in order to solve the Cinemabox subtitles problem easily. The subtitles are present in some of the TV shows and movies but not for all movies and videos. 

So for the ones that are available, it's really easy to turn on or turn off subtitles.
  • Open Cinemabox App on your Android or iOS device
  • Start your favorite movie or TV show which you want to watch
  • Click on 'CC
  • Click on 'Get New Subtitle
  • Select the language from the list and you will end up to select the subtitles from a list
Now in order to turn off subtitles on Cinemabox, you just need to reverse the process following the simple steps explained below. While the video is playing along with subtitles, 

Cinemabox Subtitles - Turning Off Trick

cinemabox subtitles problem trick

  • Note down the minute from where you want to turn off subtitles on cinemabox.
  • Restart the video. 
  • Scroll to the minute where you left watching the same video.
  • It's done! 
This the most simple trick to turn off subtitles on cinemabox. We hope that you enjoyed and got informed about the same.
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The problem is that I cant see the translation while i'm broadcasting online movies !!
Please can you advice me ...

I updated to the latest cinemaboxhd, and when I touch cc it will show me the list of subtitle languages. Before it would show me 20 different English subtitle version and would work great. Now it just shows the word English and after I press it, no subtitle appears.

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