How To Stream Cinemabox On TV WITHOUT Chormecast

Cinemabox has been popular among people all over the world lately. It is because of the utility it provides within a single app.

Cinema Box users are coming up with new demands now and then to facilitate watching all the stuff in the app according to their convenience. We have received many queries where people ask how to stream Cinemabox on the tv without Chromecast.

THE GOOD NEWS: We have cracked this problem and hence come up with a simple solution to stream and watch Cinemabox on TV without hCromecast or any such prerequisite.

Why Use Cinemabox App?

Let me first introduce you to this legendary application which is available for both Android and iOS. That's not it; you can even download cinemabox for PC and avail all the features of the app on your PC.

Cinemabox is a simple application which lets you access all the premium entertainment stuff including movies, TV series, anime, cartoons and much more stuff. Recently a new Cinemabox 2.0 APK was rolled out by the official app, which you can download.

After this new update, the app has also started giving access to the latest music videos.

One main advantage you will feel after using the Cinemabox HD app is that each of the videos is available in 720p HD quality. This will make sure that you gain a quality experience while using the HD Cinemabox app.

Not only this, since the app streams all the videos online, it will adjust the video quality according to your internet speed automatically.

You can even add subtitles to the video. Lately many people have been facing issues while adding or removing subtitles. So you can check our article on resolving cinema box subtitles problem.

But, we are here to share with you the solution of how you can stream Cinemabox on TV without chromecast. So lets head to the main issues now.

Stream Cinemabox On TV WITHOUT Chromecast

Well, since we are bypassing the need of chromecast, we will need something more to make this happen.


  • First of all you will need a PC obviously which will be the source of projecting Cinemabox on your TV. 
  • Now this is really important, you will need an OTG cable to connect the laptop/PC with the TV.
  • It is necessary that you TV has an OTG slot to plug in the cable, else this won't work for you unfortunately.
So, if you've all these perquisites with you, start implementing the steps we have listed below.

The Method:
  • You need to first download an install the cinema box app in your laptop or PC. 
  • In order to do so, you can check the links we have listed above. There we have listed a simple guide to install cinemabox in your PC/laptop. 
  • Now once you're done with installing the cinemabox in your laptop/PC head to the next step. 
  • Connect the OTG cable from your laptop to TV. 
  • If the connection is successful, then you will be able to stream the contents of your laptop on your TV screen. 
  • Now from your TV start the cinemabox located in your laptop/PC. 
  • Search for any desired movie, TV series, anime or anything just for the trial basis. 
  • Start the streaming of videos and then enlarge the screen to achieve the full screen mode.

With this we come to the end of our tutorial for streaming cinema box without chromecast. I know the process is bit lengthy but the fruits will definitely be sweet after carrying out the whole process.

You can even download cinema box apk if you want to use this app in your smartphone.

If you have any query while executing the steps above then feel free to ask your doubts in the comments below. We will make sure that all your queries are cleared. 
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