How to Download Movies On CinemaBox

Hey! Movie Maniacs. Do you love the Cinemabox app? Recently the Ccinemabox update was released and we wrote an article to let you know about the new features and how to download Ccinemabox HD.

We have solved many problems of our readers and today we are here to explain how to download movies on Cinemabox by following some simple steps. We have included proper images from the Cinemabox app so that you can clearly understand the tutorial and download movies on cinemabox.

Cinemabox Download | Latest Cinemabox HD Apk

Cinemabox app has got a new collection of movies, TV shows, cartoon, anime and a lot of music videos as well in the recent update. And the most important thing is that you can watch all these in the best HD qualities (starting from 360p to 1080p).

Cinemabox 2.0 APK has some great features to offer and since a lot of users had queries about the cinemabox subtitles problem we even shared a guide about solving it.

Cinemabox is now one of the most popular apps for your smartphones on which you can stream the latest movies, TV shows and thousands of other videos and is trending in all the countries (US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and India as well).

With the increasing popularity, a number of problems have been discovered such as:

  • Cinemabox HD subtitle issue
  • Cinemabox mac
  • Cinemabox for PC 
  • How to download movies on Cinemabox.

So we decided to write a definitive step-by-step guide to help you solve this problem and overcome this hurdle in order to enjoy Cinemabox HD in the best way possible.

How to Download Movies on Cinemabox

Now we will show you how to download movies on Cinemabox easily by following 3 simple steps. We have cracked the code and got the best way to download movies on Cinemabox.

Yes, so let us start so that you can use Cinemabox for the best usage.

1. First of all, you need to download cinemabox apk or cinemabox ios app if you do not have it installed yet on your smartphones.

2. The next step involves selecting and opening a movie which you want to watch or download. As you can see the below image, click on the icon you see in the top right corner.

how to download movies on cinemabox

3. You will see a pop-up. Click on 'OK'. See the image below for visual explanation.

download cinemabox movies

4. You're done, the download of the movie in Cinemabox HD will start right away!

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So this was the small tutorial which can help you to download movies on Cinemabox easily without any issues.

If you face any kind of problem, post your doubts in comments so that we can get back to you to help.

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14 Komentar untuk "How to Download Movies On CinemaBox"

When i click the download button it wont start the download

Although what I did follows this tutorial.., no download happened.
No downloading icon, nothing into my downloads folder.., any ideas?

I cant watch any movie. I've tried everything. I click on the movie and then it takes me back to the home screen.

Same issue here. I click on the icon, a dialogue appears saying download 'movie name. I click okay. A toast pops up stating the download it is starting. But nothing else happens. I don't see the download icon at the top of the screen, and nothing appears in the download movie section.

Same here .. no Download icon or anything .. what's wrong?

@assem here is the download link

just open above link, and click on download link, it will automatically be saved in your syetem of android

why dose it say error while trying to watch any movie

why dose it say error while trying to watch any movie

Yaa, I also facing same problem can anyone explain step by step.

I followed all steps aND download never starts

Can the download be transferred out of cinema box to dvd

i am not able to download movies is it due to the handset or vpn settings. can anyone provide me with vpn settings

You have to give it permission to download

Open app information
Then select permissions
Choose storage
And it will allow movies to dowload

I have a found out a working solution... It cant download because you havent given the permissions to the app... Open app info on your android phone in settings and then give permissions for storage to cinema box and then if you try to download it will work... Worked for me !

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