Cinemabox Problems | Cinemabox Subtitles | Cinemabox Not Working

Having problems with your Cinemabox movie and TV streaming app? We're here to help. Most Cinemabox problems can be solved in just two or three simple steps. Here are the Cinemabox tips and tricks that you need to know about.

Everyday Cinemabox HD Problems

We will share all the solutions for problems such as listed below.

  1. HD cinema app no connection
  2. App not responding
  3. Cinemabox add subtitles
  4. App not installing
  5. Cinemabox not working
  6. No jailbreak
  7. Cinemabox stream to TV

These are probably all the reported bugs in this app. The good news is that you will have to follow just one or two steps to solve these Cinemabox problems.

So let's get started and have a look at all the problems which you face while using Cinemabox app and let's solve them all.

HD Cinema App No Connection | Cinemabox HD No signal | Cinemabox App Not Loading

Trying to get streaming but Cinemabox is telling you there's no connection, no signal, or the app just isn't loading? There are a few common causes for this problem. Here are two simple solutions:

1. First, the obvious. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet. We do our best, but if you're not online Cinemabox just won't work.

2. Is the Cinemabox server down? This does happen occasionally, when we are running routine upgrades and working to improve the app. Outages can take up to an hour, so have a cup of coffee, cool your heels and you'll be back and streaming in no time.

cinemabox hd not working

How to Solve Cinemabox Not Working | Cinemabox Not Loading | Cinemabox Not Opening Problem

Many people asked us about the Cinemabox HD not responding problem, which made us think about it. The good news is that we have found a solution for this. So here it is.

So you want to know how to solve this problem? Read the steps below.

  • Make sure that you are using the most recent and updated version of the Cinemabox apk
  • If you are facing the Cinemabox HD not opening problem while running the app on an iOS device, you might be using the old credentials for login to the app.
  • Check the bellow sources to solve the Cinemabox Hd problem
1. Download Cinemabox 2.0 Latest APK

2. CinemaBox No Jailbreak

CinemaBox Subtitles Problem | Cinemabox Add Subtitles | Cinemabox Remove Subtitles

This is one of the most popular Cinemabox problems, which we have came-across and we have provided a very easy and detailed solution to this.

I would really like you to follow the below linked article so that you can learn how to add subtitles on Cinemabox or how to remove subtitles from this app. 

CinemaBox No Jailbreak | How to Install Cinemabox WITHOUT Jailbreak

We have already shared the link to download this app for android and iOS. But still if you face a problem in installing it for ios without jailbreak, here is the solution.

You need to login using a particular set of credentials which are updated daily on the link below. Make sure you check it right away.
You can also check the procedure to install Cinemabox without jailbreak on you iOS device here.

So this was the super round up about all the Cinemabox problems which people are facing in their day to day usage. 

We hope we succeeded in solving all your problems regarding cinemabox app, comment below and please share the article so that it can help your friends as well, Cheers!!
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I am not able to watch certain movies and TV shows in cinemabox hd the message says an error occured while loading this movie and I can not find a fix.

I have the app on my LG k10 version 6.0.1 kernel version 3.10.49
2016-05-01. LGMS428

Cell phone up time: 92:35:00



I been thinking if the app is having this kind of problems because of the kind of cellphone or because i have install. MOVIE HD AND ITS NEEDS TO FUNCTION AS IT IS SUPPOSED TO. AND MEGABOX HD. AND THE LAST SHOWBOX.

Please put a good version of independence day resurgence. I've been trying to watch it since it came out.

My cinema box is not working for most movies. I get forbidden error 403. I try to choose different streams but it's not listing other streams to choose from like it previously did. This problem started yesterday. I upgraded to the newest version and it's still doing the same thing. Any suggestions?

Hi, If are using android , then kindly delete the app, and install apk file again from here

and then continue with the process, it will work surely, if not do comment again, i will solve problem,

I tried but won't let me go to that link.

That link is working, we just tried half an hour ago, please go ahead, or explain your problem in detail, with screenshot

here is the link again,

I have iOS and I get the same error 403 forbidden, or can't stream try again later

Hi stopped working on ios, won't play but opens fine.

My cinemabox on android will not playany movies, everytimei try to play a movie it boots me out right back to the begining

Hello Guys, this is a 5 simple steps for android, just follow these

1) open this link

2) Download apk file from that link
3) Run that apk file to install cinemabox app
4) Cinema box will be downloaded
5) Enjoy

For ios here are the steps

My cinemabox on android will not playany movies, everytimei try to play a movie it boots me out right back to the begining

I have had cinemabox for a while now it worked great, but as of 2 weeks ago I get a message saying there was an error when loading movies. This happens for just about the three movies I try to play. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times and still get the same message. I even followed the link you posted and downloaded the app that way and still the same problem. How can I fix this issue so that I can watch movies again?

It simply states... Sorry you have encountered a problem while loading this movie & I've been having this issue since 7/10/ 2016

My cinema box keeps giving me the 403 message and the 12894 error???what does this mean? Should I delete and re-download?

My cinema box keeps giving me the 403 message and the 12894 error???what does this mean? Should I delete and re-download?

The link you provided is not working I just did it 3 timed still says loading error

Its working, Just checked

try again, it will work.

Cinemabox hd apk download link

i have the ios version and it doesnt work with wifi. i changed the dns settings but still the same problem persists.

what do you mean by dns settings?

I'm using google nexus 7 tablet with android version 6.0.1

Installed the app CinemaBox HD from the link provided above at dropbox. I can open the app without problem, but whenever trying to play a movie or show, it first went to a black/grey blank screen for 1 or 2 seconds (looks like it was trying to enter the player mode), and then jumped out back to the original state without any info or error message as if the app was restarted.

I have tried many times, even delete and reinstall the app, but still the same thing - just simply cannot play.

I noticed couple of messages above which have the same issue. What is the problem? Can it be fixed?

I keep getting a 403 forbidden error every time I attempt to watch videos on my iPad mini.

I have app and can stream movies but have never been able to download (movies). I click on download button and get no errors, but doesn't download. I could download on old version (Playbox) but for some reason Cinemabox won't. Thoughts?

p.s. I have uninstalled and redowlnloaded multiple times with no luck.

Everything i try to load it will not let me play it says this is currently unavailable or unable to play this video please fix this is becoming frustrating I've noticed it's tend to doing it more towards TV shows as opposed to movies also there's a few new movies that you guys have not put on your app yet Ghostbusters secret life of pets can you please have those

I haven't stopped in about 3 or 4 times but when I go to download a movie I can't find where I saved it or doesn't save it

My cinemabox keeps telling me there is a new version and then when I click on it to update, it says parse error then takes me back to "new version available click here to download" then back to parse error so on over and over again, so I can't actually get on the app. Any ideas?

Says new version is availble, when i try to update it gives me a parsing error and restarts and i cant update it.. Galaxy S7 Edge Sprint

I tried to download a movie it does not show it downloading them more and is not saving it what do I need to do

Um so all the shows the tv shoes just all of a sudden dont have the newest seasons like suites started new season i watched first two then today i go to watch new third one i saw wason there last night now none of them are there thisis same with all of the shows? What gives?

Having problems with audio sync sound is way off very annoying need help please

While watching cinematic the audio is not in sync don't know how to fix it please help

It would seem that v2.0 will not run on android 6.0 . Use v1.1 for now and ignore the update request.

Ian the link does not work, it even kept taking me to drop box so it's probably spam. This app is not good at all half the movies don't even play and I've downloaded it from 20 different sources.

Ian the link does NOT work! It even takes me to Dropbox so best not be spam. This app is not good at all. Half the content does the even play and I've downloaded it from 20 different sources.

Follow this

Here is the link from download

This new cinemabox app loads ok but none of the films work, forbidden 403 or cant get stream are near enough errors on everyfilm I start, will this be sorted anytime soon? Ive re-installed app numerous times πŸ™

Im having problems with the audio syncing any1 know how to fix

Im having problems with the audio syncing any1 know how to fix

Almost none of the movies are working, everything is sorry unavailable. It worked pretty well till about a week or so ago. I have t g e newest version and I've installed and reinstalled. I'm dumping the app, I'll try maybe another time. Guys, there's many other apps available that work. It's extremely frusteating, what's the point of listing them if nothing ever shows.

All I get is a black screen when I try to watch a movie

CBloads well on iphone and plays OK. However when I try and cast to chromecast it won't. Sometime I am able to select other stream like 360 instead of 720. It sometimes works. When I originally installed CB from app store it worked all the time. Please fix.

Game of thrones season 6 episode 2 says error 403, and won't play. Will you please fix this so I can watch the rest of the episodes? Thank you.

Help me me Pleasee cimemabox worked good when. I first installed it now everything I go to watch a movie it says sorry movie encounter while trying to load this video it does it on just about every movie I click on now can anyone please help me??

Help! My cinemabox was working great until three hours ago and now it stopped. When it starts to load it stops and shows a wifi logo with an explanation point in the background. My wifi is working fine so it's not that!

This comment has been removed by the author. - Hapus

Cinema box not working on my iPad or iPhone. It is saying 'cannot connect to cinema box, check your network, change DNS to (wifi setting). Please can someone help me with this as our internet connection is fine.

I'm seeing the same thing. Please fix it!

It is saying 'cannot connect to cinema box, check your network, change DNS to (wifi setting).

It is saying 'cannot connect to cinema box, check your network, change DNS to (wifi setting).

Mine is doing the same thing��

Cinema box not working on my iPad. It is saying 'cannot connect to cinema box, check your network, change DNS to (wifi setting). This started today. At times before this happened the movies would not cast but I could watch them on iPad. Most movies won't load, probably heavy server load.

My internet connection is fine and my favourites are loading but when you click to watch a little WiFi symbol with a question mark comes up, any ideas?

Cinemaboxhd is not working has been fine. It keeps coming up with the wifi symbol with exclaimation mark next to it. Wifi is working and so is my 4G...ive uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same. Im lost without it now. Can the cinemabox team sort it out if its your end thanks.

Keep getting same DNS error, anyone know a solution??

Help!!!!!! Same issues!!^^^^^^^

Love this app but all i have been getting for the past 2 days is a wifi logo with explanation point. Please fix.

Help!!!!!! Same issues!!^^^^^^^

I'm having the same issue as above. Have reinstalled app to get latest version but still have WiFi logo with exclamation mark on it. Yet WiFi is working perfectly..Or I wouldn't be able to post this

Was working fine and now a wifi symbol with a exclamation point.

I have the wifi with exclamation point also. How do we fix this!

I have the same issue _ random WiFi logo and exclamation mark on the Cinemabox main page. I can't even see the main pages now (movies, tv series etc). My internet connection is fine. I've tried uninstalling the app, and ddownloading earlier versions but nothing seems to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Yes im having same wifi symble like whats up please update us

Im having the same problem as Nickijay. I changed the dns setting but it still does not load on my ipad. It was working 2 days ago, but stopped working yesterday.

Cinema box not working on my iPad or iPhone. It is saying 'cannot connect to cinema box, check your network, change DNS to (wifi setting). Please can someone help me with this as our internet connection is fine.

My cinemabox was 1 day ago and now it stopped. When it starts to load it stops and shows a wifi logo with an explanation point in the background. My wifi is working fine so it's not that!. I have uninstalled and reinstalled no difference.

on an Android Tab. Downloaded Cinemabox and it worked great.The last few days, though, it will not load. Get a WiFi icon with an exclamation instead. Tried a reload, no joy. Is anyone else having these problems?

I'm having the same issues, I thought it was my internet connection to.

Hi cinema is working at all I have the TV box it worked before but now all it do is show the WiFi sign and a question mark next to it I uninstalled it 2 times and it's still the same I used the apk file 2.1.0 please help me

Help me cinema box HD 2.1.0 is working on my TV box

User name and password not working

This comment has been removed by the author. - Hapus

Same hee android tablet no wifi with exclamation 2 days now same thing

I have the same problem as Kanna Mina. It was working 2 days ago but now I just get Wi-Fi sign and question mark. I'm definitely connected to the internet and it's the same on both my tablet and phone

i think the cinema box site is down. have no idea when it will be fixed

it could be because the site is not working?


I'm getting rhe same wifi sign with exclamation as everyone else. Such a shame. Some things are too good to be true. It was great while it lasted!

hi i have the same problem. when will be fixed.???

i have also tried the dns 8888 but it did not work

Cinema box not working on any of my android devices. Displays wifi symbol with exclamation sign. I have unistalled and reinstalled multiple times without resolving. Have tried on multiple wifi connections & on 4G LTE.

Same problem on iPad and iPhone change dns to', seems to be a common problem, could you fix please? Thanks

Same problem..change dns to on iPhone and iPad. Please fix. Thank you

I'm getting the same issue with the wifi sign and question mark. Is cinemabox going to respend at all??

Hi all, we just received reply from cinema box owner,

We are working on it, it will be fixed very soon.

Keep supporting us


This was the reply.

So we can now hope that it is going to be fixed very soon, i will update here once it will be fixed.

Thanks guys.

I keep getting the change DNS to too, did as instructed and still not working, please help :-( X

I am haaving same issues with wifi logo..... has it been closed?

I have tried all your solution none works

Can someone please get back to us about the DNS error?, Thank you! :)

Any more help on the DNS error? :(

i have the error message change dns to 8.8.8.

is this going to be fixed soon ????

Has the plug been pulled from cinema box?
Getting the same as everyone else quotation Mark over wifi symbol. Like it is not able to connect to the cinemabox server?
Can the cinemabox people let us know if it has been closed down?

My Cinema box hasn't worked for the past 4 days. I love this app and wish it would work again. I get a grayed wifi logo with and exclamation point. I miss my cinemabox.

Cannot get on cinemabox keep getting wifi with exclamation in front wifi is working fine

I am getting wifi symbol with exclamation in it , my wifi is working same my son has same problem

Working perfectly again guys, I had the same problem DNS blah blah, but all is good.

I can seee the company has times remove unliked comments but not to update us on whats going on.

Im starting to think goverment shut them down.

Has cinemabox been shut down? Everyone i know is getting the same problem since friday, it won't load any content at all like it isn't connecting. Shows as a wifi problem but i know my wifi is fine. Gutted!! please tell me this isn't the end of cinemabox :(

I think someone is working on the app. I still can't load anything but I can see portions of the original downloaded app. I am so addicted to this app and I am looking forward to it's return.

All of the above, was working until a couple of days ago, problems we were having was it wouldn't cast via chrome cast now it's gone altogether and the exclamation mark DNS 8888 etc coming up what's happening and when is it getting fixed ?

All I have to say if it doesn't get fixed is thank you for all the free entertainment I have enjoyed on this great app!!!!!

I'm getting the same problem please fix this I love cinema box

Update on when will it work its a great app

You messed up big [email protected] No damn solutions as of yet...lmao

Was having same issues as above and I ended up deleting the app thinking I needed to re-install and now the app turns my phone screen completely black after entering user and pw and selecting settings and I had to hard shut down the phone each time. I'm so bummed out, I love this app and use it a lot and now I can't get it back ��

Hey guys I can't seem to get many movies to cast to my chromecast
Is it the app just playing up or could it be something else ?

Having same problem with wifi logo. It worked intermittently last night but very slow and now today it is completely down. Please post an update please! I have enjoyed this app tremendously!

I am having the same issues

the app worked for me today for a short while. i couldnt play any of the movies except the older ones. i was just clicking around but then i tried reloading the app an hour later after i exited out and it did not load again, same wifi symbol. im so bummed. i should of never exited out of app. at least i could of watched some older movies. no nothing

I need my cb fix please baby πŸ‘Ά come back soon!

I need my cb fix please baby πŸ‘Ά come back soon!

I've had the same issue since Friday.
Please hurry and fix it

As of today it is working again

Still not working for me, best app ever, i'm lost without it! I can't even remember a time before cinema box lol

Still to check if mine is now working but i have found that some films will not play when on wifi but will play on 4g. The new legend of Tarzan for example.
i don't think it is anything to do with my service provider because a lot of films will play whilst connected to the wifi

Any ideas?????

Same problem here... Let me know if someone knows a fix?

mine still isnt working
please fix this
i have no life without my cinemabox

I keep getting a wifi symbol with an exclamation point on the screen. I have reset my router numerous times as well as my LG pad...and still no resolution. Please fix this issue, Cinema box is the only streaming application that streams my favorite shows I cannot find anywhere else (Like Oz TV Series) does anyone know of any other apps?

I checked mine last night,
still not working.

Do i need to change the dns settings to 8888

still not working for me, i'm using via andriod in the UK. to those who are back up and running can you suggest anything? reinstallation or any change in settings? serious withdrawls going on here! any advice appreciated, many thanks.

Since updating from playbox to cinemabox, i now cannot cast movies from my iPad to TV, is there a solution for this

Please help, since moving from playbox to cinemabox, I can't cast to TV, is there a easy solution?

My problem is no video to show while playing movie but there is a sound.

My cinnemabox is working today. However I still have problems casting to chromecast.

Some movies work, other movies encounter an error during loading. My main problem is the audio is distorted on a lot of the movies.
It's happening on movies that when first added had perfect audio.

Since you included advertising on cinema box you ruined the app. I can't see a single film always with errors. Pity used to be a good app now it's ruined.

Since you included advertising on cinema box you ruined the app. I can't see a single film always with errors. Pity used to be a good app now it's ruined.

Now says there was a problem playing your move

My cinema app on android streams just fine, but when i try to download movies/shows no download will start

Can cinemabox not go fullscreen? I've just downloaded it and no matter what I do it's stuck on portrait and won't go to landscape. I'm using the leapdroid emulator on pc.

I can't download the movies on my tablet any more it's telling me downloading but I check in my folder and nothing is there

I'm facing error message "Sorry There Was an Error Encountered While Loading This Movie" when playing movie, any solution?

does cinebox work with android 6.0.1 have uninstalled and reinstalled now using version 2.0.1 and no matter what video i click play on it attempts to load then doesnt play and goes right back to main menu but on my tablet it works fine its giving this issue on my android tv box running 6.0.1

Can't download anymore . doesn't show them at the top .. And they don't ever show up ... Fix it how?

I don'the have the option the cast any movies, the icon to cast is gone. Is anyone else having this problem??

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