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BigU is one of the top apps to watch free movies on your smartphone. You can watch thousands of movies on your iPad, iPhone or Android devices using BigU movies app .

BigU movies APK also allows you to download the movies so that you can watch them while you are offline. You can say that BigU app is the free version of Netflix.

So in the nutshell, you are getting a lot of content and entertainment resource for totally free of cost.

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bigu movies app

BigU Movies App Download

Downloading BigU application is totally free of cost but it's not free to get a BigU account. 

However you can get the free email address and password details unofficially by following a method.

We will share how to download BigU movies APK, BigU iOS app, and also the method to get free BigU account without paying the membership fee.

What is BigU App?

Basically, BigU movies is an alternative for Netflix and Redbox which are usually used to stream movies online.

BigU movies app is a great application for your mobile phones and it has the newest collection of movies which is updated daily and new movies are added to the collection. As a result, you will always have new movies to watch.

You will have to pay subscription rental fees for Netflix, Redbox, Hulu Plus, iTunes, and other services to watch movies online. BigU apk will help you watch everything for FREE right on your smartphones.

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Download BigU Apk

Now we will provide you the link to download BigU movies app for Android so check the below link to download BigU app for free.

How to get a BigU Movies App For FREE

Now we will share the procedure by which you can easily get a free BigU movies account so that you can play all the movies for free on your smartphones without any hassle. We have tried to keep the procedure as simple as possible. 

So let's go BigU!!

Bigu Movies apk

Step 1: Access to this website Click on the Login button.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the Forgot Password.

Step 3: Send an email to the Member Support. The email address can be obtained at the page titled “Important Notice: Please Read”. Wait for a few minutes then you will receive a valid username and password for bigU Movies.

Step 4: You're done!

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Download BigU iOS App

So we know the procedure about how to get a free BigU account by following 3 simple steps. Now you can download BigU iOS app which will allow you to play movies on your iOS devices including iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

This was all about the BigU movies app which you can use for the best entertainment purpose on your smartphones.

As you already know we have shared the best app, cinemabox apk, in our previous articles. It's the best app for watching HD movies but we thought to share an alternative as well.

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We hope you enjoyed reading the guide to download BigU apk, BigU iOS app and how to get free BigU movies account as well. Share it with you friends to help us and your friends, cheers!

Feel free to comment your views or problems, we will help you out asap!
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Link to download Bigu apk forAndroid or is is blocked, is there another way to get it?

This bigU app is amazing! Can't beat it with a stick

The bigU Movies app is amazing. Download speeds are fucking insane!

This bigU app is amazing! Can't beat it with a stick

Thebigu app sucks for android. If you don't have an ios phone it gives you no settings or options to choose from. I paid for the app a year ago,I've complained several times and still they have not once said they're going to build a version specifically for android. I hope they're team reads this and at least tries to help android phone users.

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